LED notifications for Gmail, Twitter and Facebook

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11 comments on “LED notifications for Gmail, Twitter and Facebook
  1. Clovis Perreault says:

    Awesome! I will try it.

  2. Andy Grant says:

    Hey, I’m getting an error message when using the .updated function that looks like this: http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa378/Gorgoth117/2014-05-23151423.jpg

    Is it that the function no longer works or is it more likely that I’ve made a mistake?

  3. Vivek Soni says:

    I am also having this KeyError posted by Mr. Andy Grant. Is there any way for LinkedIn also ?

    • brendan says:

      Yeah it’s broken because Twitter have changed their API. You now need to create a custom app, grant access to it and set up authentication etc. Not worth the effort imo.

      You could possibly look at using https://ifttt.com/ to check twitter or linkedin for updates and then forward them to a certain email address which autolabels them based on keywords. Then use the above python to check the individual labels in your gmail account. e.g You setup a “Linkedin” label in gmail, you then use this URL to check it https://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom/Linkedin

      Hope that helps.

      • Vivek Soni says:

        But IFTTT has some limited “Actions” which are of no use for me.. If I have to do like that , then I can simply use gmail notifications by activating mail notifications on facebook,twitter,linkedin, anything and everything.
        Thanx for the suggestion. 🙂

  4. Shadow Knight says:

    question – could i have it blink everytime a particular person’s name shows up on my feed. I wouldnt want it forevery RSS update on my facebook feed – just when 1 particular person post anything

    • brendan says:

      I guess you could do that, you’d need to parse the RSS feed and look for the name.

      • Shadow Knight says:

        Anyway you can help me with the code for that 😉

      • Shadow Knight says:

        actually trying to get the facebook RSS to work – seems that they broke the RSS too – it now requires a user and a key – thoughts?