More DIY GoPro projects

After putting together my DIY GoPro grip I’ve been thinking up more DIY mounts to add to my growing collection of GoPro mounts! Here’s two of my latest additions.

First up we have a pole, similar to a GoPole Reach… but without the extra reach.
DIY GoPole
It was a very straightforward build:

  • Get some PVC pipe that’s 22mm in diameter
  • Cut to size
  • Add a mountain bike handlebar grip to one end
  • Add a GoPro handbar mount to the other end

For a more detailed look, plus some extra ideas, I’ve put together a quick how to video here:

The second DIY project is a modification of the popular Ikea egg timer timelapse mount.

Sitting this thing on the ground with a mount and camera on top can be a bit unstable, especially in the wind. The solution is a mini tripod.
To mount the timer on the tripod I drilled a 6mm hole in the bottom of the timer using a Dremel (no need to take the timer apart). I then tested the hole with the tripod screw, it was slightly too small so I used a sanding tool to carefully enlarge the hole. It may take a few attempts of sanding but once the screw starts to ‘take’ it will thread the metal and the plastic underneath giving you a secure fit. No need for screw tap sets!

Obviously this mini tripod can be removed and the timer can be placed on a full sized tripod or any device with a male tripod attachment.

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