OSMC Final release is out now (and how I upgrade)

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5 comments on “OSMC Final release is out now (and how I upgrade)
  1. simpledisaster says:

    Nice! Thank you for the guide!
    Have you experienced the flashing colored square in the top right (displaying low voltage) when hooked to your hyperion system?

    • brendan says:

      Nope, can’t say I have. How are you powering the Pi and the LEDs?

      • simpledisaster says:

        LEDs are hooked via USB to the Pi and the Pi is fed in by 5V 2.1A, I believe. No colored square or “low voltage message” under Raspbmc back then, just recently occurred when switching to OSMC. I tried different (better) USB cables and power adapters, but without success. People have been experiencing similar issues on the web.
        I forced it off in the boot.config and also previously when flashing I didn’t encounter any real problems.. it was just annoying.
        How are you powering your Pi?

        • brendan says:

          2.1A is probably not enough to power LEDs and a Pi, that would be really pushing it so I’m surprised you’re not experiencing other issues.
          What type of LEDs are you using? can they be powered via a separate USB phone charger for example?

          My Pi is powered by a 2A power supply and the LEDs by a seperate 2A supply and never had any issues power wise.