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Hyperion – Another Ambilight clone

Hypercon – Hyperion config tool Hyperion is another Ambilight clone for the Raspberry Pi. It essentially works in the same way as the boblight-dispmanx solution in that it uses dispmanx to capture the screen contents, which are then converted to

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Raspbmc September update and boblight

The September Raspbmc update has been pushed out and unfortunately it has broken boblight support. This release introduced a new 3.10 Linux kernel which has changed the way SPI is working. Right now there is no fix, so I suggest

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How to build the Ultimate* Media Centre

* Ok, maybe not the ultimate, but you’d find it difficult to beat for the price :p Overview A while back a friend of mine asked how he could go about recreating my setup from scratch, i.e starting with no

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Raspbmc July update and boblight

The July Raspbmc update brought 2 changes to boblight: It now uses Speedy’s boblight daemon Speedy’s version requires some changes to boblight.conf so you may find your existing version no longer works.Basically, all ‘name’ values need to be changed to

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How To: run boblight on a Raspberry Pi using OpenElec

Boblight has been running quite successfully on Raspbmc for quite a while, but now with the release of boblight-dispmanx (which I previously discussed here) it’s OpenElec’s turn. The steps to get it up and running are pretty straightforward, especially if

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Boblight just got better!

The world of boblight on the Raspberry Pi is certainly a fast moving one. Thanks to a recent Raspberry Pi firmware update by dom, and boblight-dispmanx by brooc, boblight on the Raspberry Pi is now even better! Previously, when a

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A while back I put together a guide on how to get boblight working on the Raspberry Pi. (If you’re unsure what boblight is/does, then check out these videos) This involved compiling boblightd and installing a custom build of XBMC,

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LED notifications for Gmail, Twitter and Facebook

Today I decided to learn some Python with my Raspberry Pi. I already have an Ambilight/Boblight system hooked up to my Raspberry Pi (you can read about it here), essentially it’s a series of LEDs mounted on the edge of

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2 problems, 2 solutions

Living in Bath can be a pain at times. For example, when owning a bike and living in a small flat (which is pretty much everywhere in Bath), where do you store your bike? Outside? I didn’t want to leave

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