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Bath:Hacked 2.1 and HistoryMap

I recently took part in Bath:Hacked 2.1, a hackathon where 50 ish people were locked* in a room for 36 hours with a bunch of open data and asked to produce something useful or interesting to the people of Bath.

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More DIY GoPro projects

After putting together my DIY GoPro grip I’ve been thinking up more DIY mounts to add to my growing collection of GoPro mounts! Here’s two of my latest additions. First up we have a pole, similar to a GoPole Reach…

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MapInfo MapHero winner!

Last month I entered my GPS running route map of Bath into the MapInfo MapHero competition. I entered the map into the “Map for Fun” category and was surprised to hear I won first prize, a Microsoft Surface tablet! Pretty

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Tile server basemaps for MapInfo

Ever needed a stylish basemap to display under some map data but have no idea where to look or how to even get it into MapInfo? Well worry no more, try this: With the click of a button you can

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How to build a GoPro battery grip

So you wanna build a GoPro battery grip? Well you’ve come to the right place! Why pay £40 for an off the shelf battery and grip when you can make one yourself with 3x the battery life for less than

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Where has everything gone?

Well it appears my blog and all its content has vanished! If you’re looking for a particular post then please check back in a day or 2 when I will have hopefully restored everything from a backup. Cheers.

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How to: turn Hyperion on/off using your TV remote.

As cool as a Hyperion/boblight/ambilight set up is, sometimes you want to disable the LEDs for whatever reason. You could SSH into your Pi and stop the Hyperion service or just flick the power switch on the LED power supply,

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